Still A Pig

Danielle Smith’s  tolerance of her members religious bigotry, I find intolerable. Her brushing off such heinous remarks by members of her own party only proves how intolerant of other cultures and lifestyles she is. How can you vote for such a party in good conscience Alberta?

She wants to move Albertans’s off the Federal Old Age Pension! Hey, that is MY money lady. I have spent 35 years paying into that and it is FEDERALLY mandated, you cannot legally touch that anyway, so WHY make such a ridiculous promise? HANDS OFF!

People, just because you wish a change, do not be tempeted to use the Wildrose party as the alternative. You can achieve change within the current government by pressuring your MLA’s to change the way they do things to your liking. You are taking the lazy way out just voting them out and hoping the next party is any better. They are not! Remember Sarah Palin. Danielle Smith is no better. She is just a pretty face hiding a world of ugliness.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but people, it is STILL A PIG.