Still A Pig

Danielle Smith’s ┬átolerance of her members religious bigotry, I find intolerable. Her brushing off such heinous remarks by members of her own party only proves how intolerant of other cultures and lifestyles she is. How can you vote for such a party in good conscience Alberta?

She wants to move Albertans’s off the Federal Old Age Pension! Hey, that is MY money lady. I have spent 35 years paying into that and it is FEDERALLY mandated, you cannot legally touch that anyway, so WHY make such a ridiculous promise? HANDS OFF!

People, just because you wish a change, do not be tempeted to use the Wildrose party as the alternative. You can achieve change within the current government by pressuring your MLA’s to change the way they do things to your liking. You are taking the lazy way out just voting them out and hoping the next party is any better. They are not! Remember Sarah Palin. Danielle Smith is no better. She is just a pretty face hiding a world of ugliness.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but people, it is STILL A PIG.

Wake up Alberta

Wake up and smell the coffee Alberta before it is too late.

Danielle Smith wants to make our country our own little republic of Alberta and screw the rest of Canada. She wants to opt out of old age pension. She also wants to privatize both public education and health care.

Many of the Wildrose members hate minorities, natives and other cultures. Next she will want to invade Saskatchewan for their resources.  Many members of my family fought in WW2 and so did many of my friends families to get rid of such right wing zealots. Now we are thinking of electing one of them????

Albertans, wake up and see the wolf in Sheep’s clothing. Are we so well fed that we have forgotten ho to share with others and be tolerant of other cultures? Is this what Alberta is being reduced to. Albertan’s used to be know for being hospitable and friendly. Now are looked upon as greedy and intolerant. This oil resource is for ALL Canadian to share.

Just because you wish a change is not a good reason to elect one who leads a party of right wing Christian zealots who are very hypocritical. No? Think I am crazy? Fair enough, but think about this… For a party full of Christians who’s religions beliefs include share with every one and what’s mine is yours and love thy neighbour, they sure act the opposite when it comes to sharing the riches of Alberta’s oil resource. Now it is screw the rest of Canada it’s our Oil! Makes me embarrassed to be an Albertan.

Ticket Phishing

Albertans, how long are we going to stand for this state sanctioned usury?

Ticketmaster has to be the biggest scam since BreX. Tickets go on sale and 90 % of them get sold instantly to re-seller companies that Ticketmaster owns! My god, how can this be legal?

You know Ms. Redford, if you wish to do something tangible for he people who vote for you and trust your party to govern responsibly, for crying out loud, legislate this garbage out of existence.

I would rather stand in line in the cold for tickets if that would make it more equitable. People stand for hours to watch a band at the Coca-Cola stage at Stampede, so why not for the tickets too?

The current system is ridiculous. Ticketmaster could not politically “up” the prices to what they wanted them to be, so they created a system that would do just that, and our government sits idly by and just lets this happen. I thought Governments were supposed to represent the people not the businesses that line the pockets of the politicians. I am sure Ticketmaster is a huge campaign contributor to somebody in the PC party.

Really Albertans it is up to us to end this scalping. Stop buying tickets to Ticketmaster events until either the government allows competition in this area or they ban the re-seller/scalper system. The word here is Boycott. Asking your local PC party representative is not going to help, because let’s face it, they don’t care. They have been turning a blind eye to this for years.

Tories are all about Free-Enterprise, but here is a clear example of why Free-Enterprise news to be regulated in some cases. When industries get too greedy they need to be reigned in and this a perfect example of that need.

C’mon Albertans, get off your well fed duffs and stand up for what’s right. Let’s boycott Ticketmaster and especially their re-seller lackeys.

Whew. Now I feel better…