Who are we really?

Before I turn in tonight, I wanted to share this thought that has been bugging me all day. Tomorrow we go to the polls in what could turn out to be a very important day in the history of this country.

One, where we as Canadians, will decide what kind of country we wish to be defined by.

I am not talking about whether we desire a right wing government who care more about economics than about culture, social issues or the environment, or a center-left government who care more about social issues and equality than a free market economy.

I am talking about what kind of philosophy we wish our leader to employ.

Do we want a leader who campaigns by using fear and intimidation. By telling us that the other candidates, if elected, are not ready to lead, or will destroy the economy and that we are all doomed if we vote for them? Or do we want a leader who campaigned about hope and optimism for the future? By leaders who did not raise ugly scandals as an issue even though they could have easily.

Do we as Canadians wish to believe that there is hope for the future and that our leader is the kind of person who is forward thinking and is full of hope and optimism? Or would you rather have a leader who is non inclusive, secretive and seemingly has a bad judge of character?

I for one will vote for hope, being kind to my fellow man and forever optimistic that we as Canadians can overcome anything, and will not let fear cloud our better judgement.