It’s official

Hollywood has finally run out of new ideas for movie plots. They have been rehashing stuff for a number of years now with remake after remake and a slew of sequels.

But Red Dawn? Really? Has it gotten that bad that they must resort to re-hashing a 80’s b-movie that was so bad it didn’t even make cult status? Part of the reason it sucked was that it was entirely unbelievable, even then, that the mighty Soviet army could possibly invade US soil while avoiding a nuclear war. Now they want us to believe that North Korea has the wherewithal to do so?

Please. If you made it Independence Day silly, maybe. If you added some serious sci-fi, ok.
Maybe if they threw in Stallone or Arnie we could get our heads around it.

What’s next I wonder? A sequel to little shop of horrors? Chinatown the musical?

Maybe if Hollywood farmed out it’s pictures like America has done with every other industry there might be some hint of originality.